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What makes Jensen Kelly different?


We care.  We care about our clients and their best interests.  We care about our industry and its integrity.  We care about our business and our community.  As business owners, we are long term thinkers and our decisions are gauged for the longer term and greater good of our clients.  Our client’s needs and interests always come first.  If a purchase loan or refinance doesn’t make sense, we will encourage further consideration before moving in a direction that is counter-productive to your situation.

We are hands-on and actively involved in all of our transaction from loan application to funding.  We are available, accessible and with you every step of the way.

How do I know I can trust Jensen Kelly?


We’ve built our business on the referral of our clients.  It means everything to us and we would not do anything to jeopardize this.    We strive to work hard to earn the respect of our clients as well as the underwriters and other support staff we interact with.  Our word is our bond.

What motivates Jensen Kelly when helping clients?


We are motivated by success and satisfaction.

  • By being a small part of a larger success.

  • By helping a new borrower qualify for their first home.

  • By helping seasoned borrowers achieve financial objectives through intelligent utilization of debt leveraging.

  • By positively impacting the lives of others. 

What are the costs associated with your services?


The vast majority of our transactions are brokered utilizing lender paid compensation.  We operate transparently, disclosing all costs associated with a particular transaction, whether these are costs paid directly by you as the borrower, paid by the lender or even paid by the seller.  We are dedicated to finding the best product for the best price for your particular transaction.  

What role does Jensen Kelly play?


As mortgage brokers, we evaluate our clients specific set of circumstances and objectives and match those with a loan that best meets their needs.  Experience counts and we have it.  We've put financing together for hundreds of borrowers, a process of which always includes educating our clients on the options available and the choices they have.

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